QCY T11: $30+ for a moving coil & moving iron TWS Bluetooth Earphone


For most of us, the difference in sound quality between a $30 earphone and a $300 earphone is much less than the difference in terms of selling price.

So, when you choose a TWS earphone, you don’t need to consider something too expensive. If you’re not in an industry that requires exceptional sound quality, the QCY T11 earphones will cost you less and give you a better experience.

Moving coil + moving iron, 4 noise-cancelling microphones, automatic connection with open lid, long 21-hour battery life, fast charging …… In TWS wireless Bluetooth earphones, earphones with any of these features are around $200.

So the inexpensive QCY T11 earphone will undoubtedly be one of the top earphones of the year.

It is available in black and white.

The QCY-T11 earphone is packaged in a minimalist design with the product design and brand number on the front.

The package contains the main unit and charging case. The QCY-T11 earphones come with an instruction manual, a Type-C charging cable, ear caps and other earphone related accessories.

Next we look at the charging case. It has a solid black charging case with a rounded design.

The top of the case has the QCY brand logo, which shows off its unique colours. The bottom of the case carries various parameters related to the QCY-T11 earphone as well as the CE certification label.

The front of the charging case has three LED indicators from large to small, although it is a small and unobtrusive design, it shows the manufacturer’s attention to detail on the QCY-T11 earphones.

Most earphones now come with a Type-C charging port as standard, and of course the QCY-T11 also has this port. The QCY-T11 comes with a Type-C charging port on the bottom of the charging case.

It has a 600mAh battery inside. The charging case is very fast, taking only 10 minutes to give the earphones an hour of use on a normal charge.

Its charging case will charge both earphones approximately 5 times on a full charge, giving each earphone approximately 3.5 hours of use per full charge. The charge of the charging case plus the charge of the earphones will give the QCY-T11 a maximum of 21 hours of overall use.

The QCY-T11 can easily be used for everyday use with a full charge of approximately 21 hours.

The QCY-T11 charging case has a built-in Hall sensor. Thanks to this, the charging indicator lights up when the wireless earphone is placed in the charging case, and the pairing mode of the earphone is automatically activated when you flip open the charging case lid.

Once your earphone has been successfully paired with your phone for the first time, the earphone can automatically connect to your phone every time you open the lid of the charging case.

The QCY-T11 supports pop-ups to pair your phone (Android phones) and can display the charging bay and earphone charge in your phone after a successful pairing.

The QCY-T11 also comes with an exclusive APP, in which you can set the earphone buttons, music EQ modes etc. according to your preferences in the APP interface, allowing everyone to personalize the settings according to their different preferences for tone.

TWS earphones are an extremely large consumer market and QCY’s price reduction to $30 for a TWS earphone with dynamic coil + moving iron, 4 noise-cancelling microphones and automatic connection with open lid is a huge breakthrough in the TWS earphone industry.

This is because the TWS earphone chain has started to mature, bringing down the cost of production, increasing the performance of the earphones and giving many manufacturers more energy to make a good product, the QCY-T11 being one of the most noteworthy.

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