Best Projectors in 2021

Best Projectors in 2021

Among the various brands of projectors, JMGO, XGIMI, Xiaomi Mijia, Dangbei, BenQ and other brands are more suitable for home use; Epson, Sony, and Panasonic are suitable for commercial use and education.

The following is a comparison of various brands of projectors.

1. Entry-level projector recommendation

(1) JMGO M7:

Why It’s Perfect: Portable, smooth appearance, fast charging function, longer battery life

Advantages: The real lumens of JMGO M7 is higher, and the projection is clearer. The JMGO M7 has a 1C fast charging core, which can be used with a full charge quickly, and can last about 2.5 hours when fully charged

(2) XGIMI Play:

Why It’s Perfect: Portable, three-dimensional design, good value for money, longer battery life.

Advantages: XGIMI play has a small and three-dimensional appearance and is very easy to carry. Its 250 ANSI lumens can meet daily use, and the battery life is longer.

(3) XGIMI Play Special Edition


Why It’s Perfect: Good value for money

Advantages: XGIMI Paly Special Edition has a longer battery life and is cost-effective

Disadvantages: The picture quality of XGIMI paly special edition is lower than that of XGIMI play in the same series

(4) Dangbei D1


Why It’s Perfect: Good value for money, high definition, large memory, low noise, dual audio.

Advantages: Dangbei’s projector is very cost-effective, has 750 ANSI lumens, can decode 1080P, supports 4K decoding, auto focus, no ads on boot, and supports keystone correction.

Dangbei D1 has a large capacity of 16GB, and HDR10 video decoding makes the picture details better. Dangbei D1’s noise is very low, as low as 20dB, and adopts a dual-audio design.


Why It’s Perfect: Beautiful appearance design, fine picture quality, fine listening

Advantages: This design of XGIMI MOVIN 01 is very beautiful, with auto focus and automatic keystone correction, average 450NSI lumens and 540P standard resolution, and supports 4K decoding. It uses HDR10+HLG to make the details of the picture better, and it is also equipped with Harman Kardon sound effects to make the listening experience more delicate and surging.

3. Recommended for mid-range home projectors

(1) Dangbei F1


Why It’s Perfect: high performance-price ratio, strong screen performance, convenient operation

Advantages: Dangbei F1 has advantages in terms of picture performance. F1 supports intelligent auxiliary keystone correction ±45°, making it more convenient to operate.



Why It’s Perfect: high overall performance, outstanding appearance, large memory, fully automatic focusing

Advantages: XGIMI NEW Z8X is equipped with Mstar 6A848 processor and 2GB+16GB memory. It has 1200 ANSI lumen brightness and 1080P standard resolution. It supports fully automatic focusing and fully automatic keystone correction functions. In addition, it uses the newly launched INUI system this year, which is more intelligent.

4. Entry-level home theater experience projector recommendation

(1) Dangbei F3


Why It’s Perfect: high quality, high configuration, high performance and human-centered design

Advantages: Dangbei F3 has excellent hardware configuration, equipped with MStar6A938 processor, memory up to 4+64GB, efficient computing processing, these configurations are flagship level in smart projection and even smart TV products

(2) XGIMI H3

Why It’s Perfect: the picture is clear, the sound quality is full, and the daytime viewing effect is also good

Advantages: XGIMI H3 has the same mesh structure on the side and the front, and the metal material is matched with the silver gray sandblasting oxidation effect, and the texture is not bad. XGIMI H3 is equipped with Mstar 6A848 processor, 3GB+16GB memory, and has 1,900 ANSI lumens. XGIMI H3 global sensorless focus, automatic keystone correction, no ads on boot.

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