How To Choose A Projector in 2021

How To Choose A Projector in 2021

Hello everyone, today’s topic is “How to choose a good projector”. In fact, most people are concerned about: Which projector is better? What brand of projector is good? How much is a better projector?

Although projectors have entered thousands of households, they are not high-tech products, but the viewing effects of different projectors are very different, so you need some knowledge to find the right projector. And now there are a dazzling array of projectors on the market, at any price, from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, so it is not easy to answer these questions: which price and which product is the right projector for you.

If you want to know which projector is better, you must first know what is good, which is the “good standard.” Let’s take a look at the points that need to be paid attention to when choosing a good projector from several aspects.

1. Brightness

The brightness of the projector is the clarity of the picture under different light sources, which will directly affect the viewing experience.

The brightness of household projectors currently on the market is generally between 300ANSI and 2500ANSI. Generally, models with higher lumen brightness of the same brand will be more expensive. Of course, in addition to the lumen brightness, other configurations will also be better.

If you are simply pursuing the viewing effect without considering the issue of cost performance, I naturally recommend that you choose the product with the highest brightness in the same brand.

The brightness of the projector is ANSI, what is ANSI? ANSI is the unit of brightness specified by the American National Standards Institute. In theory, the higher the ANSI, the higher the brightness of the projector.

However, many products will confuse the audience, and businesses will play a little word game on the brightness parameters, replacing ANSI with the brightness of the light source. Normally: the brightness of the 3200 light source is approximately equal to the brightness of 1100ANSI-1250ANSI! From a numerical point of view, this has completely doubled, and consumers are likely to be misled. So when everyone is looking at the parameters, be sure to read them clearly!

2. Screen Resolution and Chip Size

The resolution of the projector is the clarity of the picture, which is often said: 720P/1080P/4K. Under other equal conditions, the higher the resolution, the better, because the imaging effect is better.

At present, most mainstream projector products on the market use chips of two sizes, 0.47DMD and 0.33DMD, and home theaters will adopt larger-size chips. The larger the chip size, the higher the cost and the better the picture.

3. Contrast and Throw Ratio

Contrast ratio: Affects the layering of the image. The higher the contrast, the more layered the image. In the actual purchase, you can choose a contrast ratio of 5000:1 or above.

Throw ratio: Throw ratio=projection distance/picture width. If you want a projection image with a limited picture width, it is necessary to understand the projection ratio. However, the current mainstream projectors basically set the transmittance to 1.2:1 uniformly, just look for this.

4. System and Function

Home projectors recommend that everyone must choose products with intelligent systems. It can be used directly only if there is an intelligent system, and there is no need to connect peripheral products such as Amazon Fire TV, which is more convenient for home use. Of course, everyone should pay attention to the selection: an intelligent system without advertisements is required to reduce the trouble of watching advertisements.

For home environment use, side projection and four-way rectangular adjustment are indispensable functions, which are related to the convenience of home use and viewing experience. The function of automatic rectangle (trapezoid) correction can ensure that the picture is not deformed. Side projection can ensure that no matter where the projector is placed, you can get a normal picture.

5. Place

If you use a projector in the living room, it is recommended that you buy products with the highest possible brightness and resolution. The environment of the bedroom itself is very private, so the brightness of your projector will be kept lower, so you don’t need to buy products with too high brightness. In this case, you can use a lower budget to buy a suitable projector for your bedroom.


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