Three Rice Cookers Worth Buying in 2021

Some families not only pursue the function of rice cookers, but also pay attention to the appearance of rice cookers, cost performance, etc.

A good quality rice cooker can produce more delicious rice and also ensure that people eat healthier food.

So, how should we choose among the various rice cooker brands?

Today we have selected three popular rice cookers as your reference for purchase: Mi Jia rice cooker- IHFB02CM, TIGER rice cooker-JAI-R551-W, and MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC IH rice cooker NJ-VVB10.

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Mijia rice cooker- IHFB02CM

Why is it:

The super high cost performance and simple design of this product make it the first choice for most families.



Basic technical parameters:

(1)Model: IHFB02CM

(2)Inner material: stainless steel

(3)Shape: square

(4)LCD display: Yes

(5)Heating mode: IH heating

(6)Product size:300250310mm

(7)Product weight: 4.5kg

(8)Product color: white


(1)The product adopts IH heating technology, which can make the rice heated more evenly and taste more consistent, and the rice located at the bottom of the inner pot is not easily scorched.

(2) The inner pot of this product is made of gray cast iron. The material has outstanding stability, magnetic conductivity and heat storage capacity, which can make the food evenly heated. In the heat preservation mode, the rice continues to be heated in the inner pot, and the final taste of the same can be maintained.

(3)The product has water level line engraved on the wall of the inner pot, so that users can know more at a glance when adding water, and even the first time cookers can cook good rice.

(4)The product can provide optimized customization for rice of different origins. Users only need to use the APP to scan the barcode on the outer package of rice, it can automatically identify which variety this packet of rice belongs to, and then automatically switch to the temperature, pressure and time that best matches this variety of rice, this function can ensure the best taste of the rice grains.

(5)he product can be connected to the APP to use, the user can remote control the rice cooker.


(1)the product is heavy inside the pot, so its overall weight is large, the user will be less convenient when moving the rice cooker, especially the elderly group.

(2)the product color selection is single.


The product ensures the taste of food to the maximum extent, and the taste of rice steamed is better than that of traditional rice cookers. Its touch screen design allows users to understand more clearly how to operate, making it easier to cook.

TIGER rice cooker-JAI-R551-W

Why is it:

The product is powerful in function design and favored by the majority of consumers.



Basic technical parameters:


(2)Inner material: aluminum

(3)heating mode: side heater, bottom heater

(4)product size: 224 * 283 * 189mm

(5)Product weight: 0.54kg

(6)Rated power: 350W


(1)The product has a personalized appearance and design, and the capacity of 1.5L is suitable for 1-2 people, which is convenient for single groups and small family groups.

(2) The product adopts a rounded inner pot made of far-infrared coating material, which can make the rice deeply heated and absorb water more evenly. Its IH heating technology makes the rice heated more evenly and quickly.

(3) The product has many functions and 7 cooking modes. Its accompanying conditioning plate can realize cooking and cooking rice at the same time, saving the user’s time for cooking.

(4)Its heat preservation function can maintain the temperature suitable for maintaining the flavor of food, thus avoiding the rice from turning yellow and becoming dry and hard, and has a good heat preservation effect.

(5)The product is independently designed with a rice spoon holder, so that users can separate the rice spoon holder from the pot body and place it anywhere without being limited by the pot body.


(1)The product’s steamer is not easy to disassemble, which makes it troublesome and time-consuming for users to clean, and may burn their hands at the same time.

(2) The product takes longer to cook rice and requires the user to wait longer compared to the general rice cooker.


In terms of price, compared with ordinary rice cookers, its still relatively expensive.


Why is it:

The classic brand design, the rice cooker trusted by consumers to choose.



Basic technical parameters:

(1)Model: NJ-VV108-W

(2)Color: pure white

(3)product size: 334 * 280 * 268mm

(4)Product weight: 5.2kg

(5)Input voltage: 100V

Figure 6


(1)The inner pot of the product adopts double-layer prepared charcoal coating, which can ensure that the food in the pot is heated evenly and the continuous boiling time is proportional.

(2)The product uses ultrasonic water absorption technology, which can make the rice absorb water more evenly when cooking.

(3)This product uses steam-free cooking technology, and the Mitsubishi “continuous boiling” function allows the steam generated by cooking rice to be cooled and reduced to water through the internal cooling tank of the rice cooker. This water is then returned to the inner pot via the original route, resulting in a more flavorful rice.

(4)The product has a beauty basmati mode, which can increase the vitamin B1 content in the rice and has a certain beauty effect.

(5)The rice spoon can be placed standing up, so that the user is more clean and hygienic when using the product.


Compared with the general rice cooker, its price is more expensive.


In general, the rice cooker can meet the daily cooking needs of users. At the same time, compared with the traditional rice cooker, it has more and better features.

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