Is Rice Cooker Good for Health?


The rice cooked by the rice cooker is good for human health.

(1) The radiation generated by the induction cooker is harmful to the human body.

However, the radiation value generated by the rice cooker is only about 0.16μT.

Therefore, the radiation produced by the rice cooker has little effect on the human body.

(2) The inner core of the rice cooker made of aluminum alloy has a protective coating.

But with the extension of the rice cooker’s use time, the protective coating of the inner core will fall off.

Because aluminum products are harmful to the human body, I do not recommend that you buy a rice cooker with an aluminum alloy core.

You can consider ceramic rice cookers.

(3) The rice cooker whose inner core is made of ceramic material is good for human health.

Ceramic is a safe inorganic material.

The inner core of the ceramic rice cooker has good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and heat preservation.

Therefore, the food made by the rice cooker with the purple sand core not only tastes good, but also does not harm your body.