Why Tiger Rice Cooker Is Expensive?

The main reason why Tiger rice cooker is expensive is its chassis heating method and heating technology.

(1) The traditional rice cooker uses the bottom heating method.

The main working principle of this heating method is to use the heating plate to pass the heat energy to the bottom of the inner pot, and then transfer the internal heat energy to the food.

The cost of this heating method is low, and the control difficulty is also very small.

However, the taste of rice cooked in this way is not so sweet.

(2) Tiger rice cooker is heated by alternating current through an electromagnetic coil.

Unlike the traditional rice cooker heating plate heating method, Tiger rice cooker directly heats the metal inner pot.

This heating method not only allows the inner pot of the rice cooker to heat up quickly, but also uses a microcomputer to accurately control the cooking temperature.

Therefore, the rice made by Tiger rice cooker is more delicious.

So because of the technical cost, Tiger rice cooker is more expensive than ordinary rice cooker.