Which Refrigerator Is Best?

Galanz GLR33MS1E02, Samsung RF23M8070SR, LG LFXS26973S, three refrigerators are worth buying.

(1) The volume of Galanz GLR33MS1E02 is 19.02 x 17.48 x 33.19 Inches.

Its appearance is compact, and it occupies a small area.

In addition, Galanz GLR33MS1E02 has a built-in solid non-slip component, which does not form a rotation effect, so it is not easy to produce noise during work.

(2) Samsung RF23M8070SR uses vacuum heat insulation technology.

It has a built-in glass fiber vacuum panel, which has high-quality heat insulation effect, so Samsung RF23M8070SR consumes less power.

In addition, Samsung RF23M8070SR still has an efficient heat insulation function after power failure, and its cooling effect can be maintained for 15 hours.

(3) LG LFXS26973S uses a pure nitrogen air filtration system.

Therefore, it can minimize the odor in the refrigerator.

In addition, LG LFXS26973S has a built-in variable frequency linear compressor, which can extend the freshness of the food inside the refrigerator by reducing temperature fluctuations.