Why Is It Called French Door Refrigerator?

Because the French door refrigerator was first designed by the French.

(1) Traditional refrigerators generally only have two food storage areas with different temperatures.

The storage space of the traditional refrigerator is limited and the size of the food it stores cannot be too large, so it cannot meet the food storage needs of a family with a large number of members.

The refrigerator with large side-by-side doors consumes high energy and causes great environmental pollution.

(2) The refrigerating area of the French door refrigerator cancels the design of the middle partition, thereby providing a large food storage space, so you can place larger foods.

In addition, the French door refrigerator consumes less power and has little impact on the environment.

Therefore, the French door refrigerator is a reasonably designed refrigerator.

(3) The French door refrigerator has multiple food storage areas with different temperatures, and these storage areas are independent of each other, so it can avoid the phenomenon of mixed odors in the food inside the refrigerator.