Why Does My Washing Machine Smell of Smoke?

When the washing machine’s motor fails, the starting capacitor fails, or its internal belt is loose, it may emit smoke.

(1) The motor of the washing machine will drive its drum to run.

When the running coil in the washing machine motor is damaged, its speed will decrease, and it will even emit a burning smell.

(2) If the washing machine emits smoke during operation, it may be that the starting capacitor inside the washing machine is malfunctioning.

If the washing machine is in working condition for a long time, the capacity of its starting capacitor will become smaller.

If the motor power of the washing machine is not compatible with the capacity of the starting capacitor, the washing machine will emit smoke when it is working.

(3) The normal operation of the washing machine is related to its internal belts and pulleys.

If the belt of the washing machine is loose, it will cause increased friction and burnt smell when rotating. At this time, I suggest that you should suspend use and repair or replace it.

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