Can Ninja Foodi Grill Replace Microwave?

Ninja Foodi Grill cannot completely replace microwave.

Although these two products can be used to heat food.

But the main purpose of Ninja Foodi Grill is to fry food, while the main purpose of microwave is to heat food.

(1) The working principle of Ninja Foodi Grill is the use of “high-speed air circulation technology.”

It generates hot air through the high-temperature heating tube, and then uses a fan to blow the high-temperature air into the machine to heat the food.

Hot air circulates in the enclosed space.

Then Ninja Foodi Grill uses the fat of the food itself to fry the food.

This can dehydrate food.

The surface of the cooked food will become golden and crisp.

This can achieve the effect of frying.

All in all, Ninja Foodi Gril is actually a simple oven with a fan.

(2) The working principle of microwave is to use microwave to heat food.

Microwave is an electromagnetic wave.

When this electromagnetic wave is distributed on food, the polar molecules in the food will produce a phenomenon similar to friction.

This can increase the temperature of the food itself.