How Long Does It Take To Steam a Shirt?

Generally speaking, it only takes a few minutes to iron a shirt.

You can refer to the following steps to operate.

(1) First, you should hang the shirt on the hanger.

Then, you should iron the nozzle of the garment steamer along the shirt from top to bottom.

(2) You should pay attention to the buttons on the shirt.

In this place you can use the triangular head on the front of the garment steamer to slowly and partially perform round ironing.

(3) Ironing shirts and underwear collars.

When ironing the collar of a shirt or underwear, you first need to stand up the collar of the shirt, gently pull the corner of the collar with one hand, and hold the garment steamer with the other hand to move its steam nozzle up and down. .

When ironing the collar of the shirt, you need to turn the collar down, then gently pull the collar with your hand, and move the steamer of the garment steamer back and forth along the direction of the collar.

(4) When ironing the sleeves of the shirt, you can lay the shirt flat on the ironing board, press down the garment steamer nozzle and move it horizontally or press it up and down, so that the effect of ironing is better than that of hanging ironing.

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