Is There a Robot That Vacuums and Mops?


There are many robots with both vacuum and mops functions. They are called vacuum mop robots.

(1) What is the working principle

Because the vacuum mop robot is generally equipped with a vacuum cleaner and a detachable mop pad, it can achieve two functions.

(2) How do they work

Robot that vacuums and mops can not only vacuum or mop the floor alone, but also it can perform both tasks at the same time.

If you accidentally spill water on the floor, you can use a robot with a mop pad to directly clean the water stains.

If you need to clean the floor of the entire room, it can also complete vacuums and mops at one time, saving you a lot of cleaning time.

(3) How do you manipulate them

The use of vacuum mop robot is also very simple.

Because it usually has several methods to change the cleaning mode, that is, remote control, mobile phone application or voice control.

So when you use it, you only need to press a button or say a word, and the robot will work according to the instructions.