What Is a Hair Shaver Called?

The hair shaver is an electric haircutting tool that can trim short hair for users.

At present, many consumers will choose hair shaver to use at home.

(1) The hair shaver is mainly divided into parts such as cutter head, motor, shaft, battery and accessories.

(2) When you choose a hair shaver, you can pay attention to the outstanding features of the product’s cutter head, battery, and whether it is equipped with a positioning comb to meet your daily needs.

(3) Hair shaver is generally equipped with various types of blades.

Such as T-shaped, U-shaped and V-shaped blades.

Therefore, using hair shaver can meet your trimming needs for different hairstyles.

(4) You should generally use hair shaver under wet hair.

You should pay attention to the distance between the hair shaver and the hair when cutting hair, and use a comb if necessary.

You just need to push the hair shaver straight along the shape of your head until you finish the haircut.

At present, the more popular hair shaver include Braun Hair Clippers for Men MGK3980, Philips Norelco BG7040/42 and other products.