What Style Refrigerator Has the Most Space?

The storage space of the three-door refrigerator and the cross-door refrigerator is larger.

(1) The three-door refrigerator adds a fruit and vegetable storage area on the basis of the two-door refrigerator.

The volume of the three-door refrigerator is relatively large, most of which are above 200L, and it has 3 food storage areas with different temperatures.

Its more food storage areas can meet your needs for frozen food, refrigerated food, food preservation and fruit and vegetable storage.

(2) The cross-shaped side-to-door refrigerator adds an independent mild freezer on the basis of the three-door refrigerator.

The capacity of the cross-shaped side door refrigerator is mostly above 500L, which can meet the food refrigeration needs of a family of 6 people.

The cross-shaped side-by-side refrigerator can not only accommodate larger-sized foods, but it can also preserve fresh vegetables and store dried fruit foods.