What Else Can Be Cooked in a Rice Cooker?

There are many kinds of food that electric rice cooker can make.

You can use the electric rice cooker to steam, boil, stew, boil, simmer and other cooking methods for food.

The electric rice cooker can not only cook food, but also keep it warm.

(1) You can use electric rice cooker to cook porridge.

You only need to wash the prepared ingredients, then pour the washed ingredients and an appropriate amount of water into the inner pot, and then you can select its porridge cooking mode.

(2) Electric rice cooker can also be used to make stew and steamed vegetables.

Such as fish, chicken, duck, etc., these meats can all be cooked using an electric rice cooker.

The cooking method is also relatively simple.

(3) The electric rice cooker can cook various flavors of rice.

For example, ham steamed rice, mixed rice, etc., you can use the electric rice cooker to make.