Why Is My Iron Spitting Out Brown Stuff?

The brown things are rust.

You can save your iron according to the following suggestions.

(1) You should find a cool, dry and ventilated place to store iron to prevent it from rusting.

Whether iron is made of electroplated chrome or stainless steel, its bottom plate will rust due to high temperature and high humidity.

(2) After using iron, you should wait for it to cool down completely and clean it.

For example, wipe the iron clean with a soft damp cloth.

When storing, you need to wait for the iron to cool down to confirm that its coating is not damaged.

If the clothes are scorched and stick to the iron bottom plate, you can’t use a metal hard object to scratch the coating on the bottom plate to prevent it from being damaged.

You can use cuttlefish bones, etc. to remove adhered clothing.

(3) If you cannot store iron in time, you need to adjust the iron thermostat to the lowest position and turn off its steam mode.

At the same time, in order to avoid damaging the core wire of iron, you cannot wind its power cord too tightly.

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