What Causes a Steam Iron to Leak Water?

Steam iron leaks may be due to the following situations.

(1) When the steam iron is not powered on, if you add water to its storage tank and the water flows out directly, please check whether its steam knob is in the “0” position.

(2) If the steam iron leaks at the beginning of ironing, you need to check whether the steam iron plug is in good contact.

Because if the temperature of the steam iron is not enough, the sprayed water is not enough to be atomized into water vapor, so when you press the spray button, the water will leak from the steam port.

(3) When using the spray function of steam iron, you must make sure that its temperature control indicator light is off, and then press the spray button.

When the indicator light keeps on, it means that the temperature of the steam iron has not reached the ideal state. In this case, the water sprayed by the steam iron cannot be atomized into water vapor and may flow out directly.