How Do You Cook Filet Mignon in a Ninja Foodi Grill?

If you want to use Ninja Foodi grill to cook filet mignon, you can follow the steps below to make it.

(1) First of all, you need to preheat the Ninja Foodi grill in advance, and let the steak rest in advance to bring the steak to room temperature.

Then you can beat the steak softly with a meat tenderizer.

(2) Then you can marinate the steak with salt and pepper.

After the steak is marinated, you can spread butter on the steak and coat the steak with breadcrumbs.

(3) Finally, you can grill the breaded steak on the Ninja Foodi grill.

When it’s grilled for about 4 minutes, you need to turn the steak over and grill it for about 4 minutes.

You can eat filet steak cooked with Ninja Foodi grill.