Are Aluminum Rice Cookers Safe?

Aluminum rice cookers are safe.

Both aluminum alloy pot body and aluminum pot body belong to aluminum products.

Rice cookers will use food-grade aluminum alloy materials to make inner pots.

Since the surface of the aluminum material is prone to form a dense oxide film to protect the inside from being oxidized, this type of inner pot is not easy to rust.

If you have some incorrect behaviors when using aluminum rice cookers, it is easy to damage the oxide film, so you need to pay attention to the following points:

(1) Do not use steel wool to clean the pots of aluminum rice cookers.

I suggest you use a softer dishwashing sponge to clean it.

(2) Do not use iron or steel spoons to hold the rice, it will easily scratch the pot of aluminum rice cookers.

I suggest you use wooden or plastic rice spoons to serve the rice.

(3) Don’t put leftover meals in aluminum rice cookers overnight, especially those with acidic or alkaline foods.

Because the food will react with the inner pot coating of aluminum rice cookers for a long time to produce harmful substances.

(4) The harm of aluminum to humans cannot be produced in one or two days.

And a small amount of aluminum can be excreted through the body’s metabolism.

So aluminum rice cookers are safe.