How Do You Keep a Toaster Clean?

You can clean your toaster according to the following methods.

(1) Steps

You should unplug the power cord of the toaster before cleaning it.

Then you need to wait for the toaster to cool down completely.

First, you should take out the crumb tray for cleaning.

Then you can wipe the body and top cover of the toaster with a soft cloth dipped in detergent.

It is worth noting that you can not directly soak the entire body of the toaster in water when cleaning it.

You just need to pour water into the toaster.

(2) Tools

You can also use a soft brush to clean your toaster.

You can dip the brush into detergent.

Then you gently wipe the toaster.

This can also achieve a good cleaning effect.

And it can prevent damage to the body of the toaster.

(3) Prevent damage

If the inside of the toaster is difficult to clean, you can repeat the above operations repeatedly.

But you should avoid using hard wool fabrics and abrasive cleaners to clean the toaster.

This prevents damage to the coating on the toaster shell.