Why Are Japanese Rice Cookers So Expensive?

Because Japanese rice cookers have perfect performance in all aspects, their prices are also more expensive.

(1) Different materials.

Japanese rice cookers use a hand-made inner pot, and the material used in the inner pot is “Nanbu Ironware”, which is well-known in the Japanese iron industry.

This kind of material can improve the heating efficiency of Japanese rice cookers and make their rice more fragrant.

(2) Multiple functions.

Japanese rice cookers are basically equipped with many smart modes, such as fast rice cooking, congee cooking, steam control and so on.

You can choose different modes according to your actual cooking needs.

Japanese rice cookers allow you to easily make Japanese-style potato stew, cream stew and other dishes.

Some models of Japanese rice cookers have more than 40 functions.

(3) Leading technology.

Japanese rice cookers have developed IH heating technology and steam CUT function. This technology can prevent Japanese rice cookers from leaking steam while cooking, and the cooked rice can have the taste of pressure cooker cooking.

At the same time, it is also equipped with a water temperature sensor and a load sensor, the grinding and forming technology of the carbon wo pot body, the ultrasonic water absorption technology and the steam intelligent suction and release technology.

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