What Is an Epilator?

Epilator is a small electrical appliance used to remove body hair.

Epilator is a very commonly used item, its function is mainly to make people’s appearance more beautiful and refreshing.

(1) Definition

Epilator refers to a small electrical appliance used to remove body hair.

Epilators on the market are mainly “female epilators”.

It is used to remove hair from armpits, legs, etc., thereby helping women dress up.

(2) Working principle

Unlike the Shaver used by men, the epilator does not use a sharp blade to shave off body hair, it uses a “clip” to pull out body hair by roots.

The epilator is equipped with several clamping wheels that can rotate at a high speed.

Therefore, it can pull out hairs as short as half a millimeter by roots while working.

The hair removal effect is long-lasting and thorough, so that your skin can stay smooth and clean for up to four weeks.

(3) Matters needing attention

First of all, within 24 hours after using the epilator, you should not use perfume, antiperspirant and sunscreen products in the hair removal area.

You can’t sunbathe either to avoid the precipitation of melanin.

Secondly, when you use the epilator to remove hair, it is best to choose to do it at night.

Because sleeping can rest your skin and reduce other irritation.