How Do You Use an Epilator?

Epilator can make women’s skin smooth and clean, and make women’s appearance more beautiful.

When you use the epilator to remove hair, you should pay attention to its use, so as to avoid its damage to your skin.

(1) Before hair removal

Before using the epilator to remove hair, you need to massage the area that needs to be removed with a bath to make the hair stand up.

Then after 15 minutes of hot water bath, you can start to hair removal.

Because the skin is soft and the pores are relaxed at this time, so that your pain during hair removal is minimized;

(2) Hair removal

When using the epilator, you have to make the angle of the cutter head and the skin at right angles.

Then you need to push the epilator against the direction of hair growth so that the body hair can be plucked.

(3) After hair removal

After depilation, you also need to pay attention to moisturizing the skin with some soft lotion, the lotion can make the skin rest and be nourished.