What Are the Types of USB Chargers?

Common types of USB chargers mainly include USB Type-A, USB Type-B and USB Type-C.

(1) USB Type-A

The USB Type-A interface is the most common.

At present, both computers and U disks are compatible with this interface.

(2) USB Type-B

USB Type-B is mainly used in mobile hard drives, printers and other products.

The charging cables interface of Android phones will also use the reduced USB Type-B, which is micro USB Type-B.

(3) USB Type-C

The USB Type-C interface was created based on the USB 3.1 standard.

Its transmission speed can reach 2 times that of USB 3.1, and supports a maximum power supply capacity of 100w.

It has many excellent properties, including the ability to support high-capacity data transmission, pluggable front and back, two-way charging, fast charging, etc.

So it can fully meet your needs.

At present, quite a few Android phones have begun to support the USB Type-C interface.

Some laptops already support USB Type-C for transmitting audio and video signals.