What Cord Charges a Samsung S8?

Samsung s8 can be charged with Type-C interface cable.

Except the iPhone cable is not universal, other cables can be used.

But I suggest you buy and use its original cable.

(1) Battery protection

The current of the original cable is constant voltage and constant current.

Therefore, using it to charge the mobile phone has a good protective effect on the mobile phone.

It will not overcharge and overvoltage cause the battery to age.

It can also protect the service life and quality of the battery.

(2) Insulation material

The contact surface between the original charger of Samsung S8 and the plug-in board is made of insulating material.

Even if there is a problem with the power strip, it is difficult to burn and cause a fire.

(3) Mobile phone protection

If you use a non-original charger to charge the Samsung S8, it will cause a lot of phone malfunctions.

The main reason is that the voltage and current of the non-original charger are unstable.

(4) Hidden dangers of accidents

If you use a non-original charger to charge Samsung S8, it may cause leakage, flickering, etc.

This will seriously endanger the safety of mobile phones and users.