Are There Any Risks for the Hair Removal by an Epilator?


Although the epilator has many benefits, there are also some points that need attention, such as scratching the skin, short duration of hair removal, and so on.

(1) Scratch the skin

If the epilator is used improperly, you can easily scratch your skin with it.

Especially for uneven areas like the armpits, you must be careful when using the epilator to avoid scratches and skin infections.

(2) The hair removal effect lasts for a short time

After using the epilator to shave the skin and hair, you can have smooth skin.

But this state can only be maintained for a period of time.

When the hair grows out, you need to use the epilator again to shave.

It is worth noting that if you frequently use the epilator to shave, your hair will grow thicker and thicker.

And your new hair will be harder.

(3) Restricted shaving site

When using the epilator, you generally only use it on the limbs and other parts.

First of all, the back is a part that you cannot reach by yourself, so this area is not easy to use an epilator to remove hair.

Secondly, when using the epilator to remove a large area of ​​hair, you will feel very tired because of the large area of ​​hair removal and the long process.