Are Aluminum Rice Cookers Safe?


Generally you are safe to use a rice cooker with an aluminum liner.

(1) Uniform heating and good thermal conductivity.

At present, the most common rice cooker liner on the market is the aluminum liner.

The aluminum inner tank has good thermal conductivity, uniform heating and easy molding.

The industrial synthesis technology of aluminum metal is very mature, so the price of aluminum products is very affordable.

Rice cookers with inner liner made of aluminum as the main material are also cheaper.

(2) The coating is resistant to high temperature and difficult to dissolve.

The main component of the protective coating is perfluorinated polymer.

It has stable properties, strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and the coating is non-toxic and not easy to decompose.

The decomposition temperature of the protective coating can reach above 250°C, while the internal temperature of the rice cooker in daily use generally does not exceed 180°C.

In the case of normal use and the coating of the inner pot is not peeled off, you will not cause harm to the human body when you use the rice cooker with the aluminum inner pot to cook, and it will not cause cancer.

(3) Daily use.

When cleaning the interior of an aluminum rice cooker, I recommend using a softer cleaning tool.

Using rough and hard cleaning tools can cause damage to the aluminum liner.

If you notice that the coating on the aluminum liner is peeling off, you should stop using the rice cooker.

Using the aluminum inner pot with the protective coating peeled off will cause the rice cooker to burn and even have the danger of metal toxins penetrating into the rice.