Why Are Japanese Rice Cookers So Expensive?

The reason why Japanese rice cooker is expensive is mainly because of its good material, multiple functions and advanced technology.

(1) The material used in Japanese rice cooker is better.

Japanese rice cookers are very different from ordinary rice cookers in terms of materials.

Most Japanese rice cookers use hand-crafted inner pots.

The inner pot is made of “Nanbu Ironware”, which is well-known in the Japanese ironware industry.

This material can make the rice cooker heat more efficiently, so the rice it makes is more fragrant.

(2) Japanese rice cooker has more intelligent functions.

Japanese rice cookers are basically preset with many smart modes, such as quick rice cooking, porridge cooking, steam cooking and so on.

Japanese rice cookers also have a variety of different cooking modes for different ingredients.

When using Japanese rice cooker, you only need to choose different modes according to the actual cooking needs.

(3) Japanese rice cooker adopts advanced technology.

The Japanese rice cooker adopts advanced cooking technologies such as the grinding and forming technology of the carbon wo liner, the ultrasonic water absorption technology and the steam intelligent absorption and release technology.