How do you make ice cream in a frozen bowl?

You can make ice cream in frozen bowl in the following way.

(1) First you need to freeze ice cream bowl

I suggest you keep ice cream bowl in the refrigerator for at least 8-12 hours until the liquid in it is completely frozen.

Then you can use ice cream bowl to make ice cream.

(2) Ice cream maker is simple to operate

It can be done by the intuitive control panel on the cover.

Here you can also set the working time of the device through the digital display.

The cover of a machine usually has a flip over, which allows you to easily load ingredients into containers.

In addition, in order to facilitate operation, ice cream maker generally has a support ring.

Freshly made desserts can be easily removed from the ice cream machine and you can eat them directly.

(3) You can add whatever ingredients you like

In the process of making, you can add your favorite ingredients in the final steps according to the instructions.

You can add chocolate, fruit, biscuits, etc.

Prepared ice cream needs to be eaten as soon as possible because they melt easily.

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