Is it good to drink water from electric kettle?


I suggest you drive water from electrical kettle.

(1) Drive water from electrical kettle is very friendly to people with hot water needs

Although you may like drinking tap water directly in your daily life, you still need hot water when cooking and brewing drinks.

It’s very convenient to use electric kettles to cook water, and you can drink your favorite coffee, tea or milk tea anytime and anywhere.

(2) Compared with pure water, impurities in tap water are harmless to human body

There are more impurities in tap water than pure water, but they are not harmful to human body.

After the electric kettles boil, the bacteria in the tap water will also be greatly reduced, so the water cooked by electric kettle is safe to drink.

(3) There is no impurity in the purified water, which may not meet the needs of human body

After processing the pure water and distilled water sold on the market, the trace elements become less.

In particular, distilled water may not contain any trace elements.

But our human body needs iron, magnesium and calcium in daily life.

Drinking soft water for a long time may lead to the sub-health problems such as calcium deficiency and iron deficiency.

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