How much does it cost for a soft serve machine?

Household Soft ice cream machines range in price from $ 50 to $200, but commercial Soft ice cream machines are generally close to $2,000.

(1) Ice cream maker is divided into hard ice cream machine and Soft ice cream machine.

Produced by the Soft ice cream machine is generally like a cone, which is directly produced by the ice cream machine.

Soft ice cream is in a semi-fluid state, and its taste is more delicate and smooth.

Soft ice cream machine is divided into two types: vertical and desktop. The main difference is the body shape.

Vertical Soft ice cream machine occupies more places, so it is suitable for use in places with large space.

Desktop Soft ice cream machine takes up less space. If the space is limited, you can consider using the desktop Soft ice cream machine.

(2) The price of Soft ice cream machine.

Soft ice cream machine with a single raw material cylinder is cheaper because it only has a single refrigeration cylinder and a single outlet, so the ice cream produced by it has only a single flavor and color.

And the soft ice cream machine is relatively small, so its price is relatively cheap.

A Soft ice cream machine is about $ 200.

But if you are a commercial Soft ice cream machine, then customers have more demand for the taste of ice cream, so the price also increases.

The general commercial Soft ice cream machine has multiple outlets, so it can make ice cream of various flavors.

And the price of such a Soft ice cream machine is close to two thousand dollars.

(3) The working principle of Soft ice cream machine.

The general commercial or household ice cream maker is an automatic ice cream maker.

They all work on the principle that you need to add the raw material to the raw material tank first, and then the raw material will be evenly mixed with the air under the action of the air slurry pump and sent to the freezing cylinder.

Soft ice cream machine stirs and gradually cools the expanded cream, at which point the viscosity of the freezing cylinder increases.

When the mix reaches the desired viscosity, the ice cream is pushed to the outlet by the auger of the Soft ice cream machine.

At this time, you can open the outlet, and the Soft ice cream machine will extrude the finished ice cream.

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