How do you make matcha tea with an electric milk frother?

I will introduce you to the method of grinding Matcha powder with electric mill from there.

(1) Method of making Matcha powder.

First, you should choose high-quality green tea, and then use electric milk from to break it. The finer the better.

After stirring with electric milk from, put Matcha tea into a coarse screen filter for filtration.

If the grinding of Matcha tea is not delicate enough, you need to stir it again, and then put it into the fine screen for filtration.

Finally, you get the delicate Matcha tea.

In addition, you need to seal the milled Matcha tea.

(2) The benefits of Matcha powder to human body.

Matcha powder is a kind of powder made of high tail green tea, which has rich nutritional value.

Eating an appropriate amount of Matcha powder can effectively promote appetite and allow you to absorb rich vitamins B and C.

Matcha powder can increase the absorption of calcium ions by bones to a certain extent, so it can enhance your bone strength.

(3) The main function of electric milk from.

Electric milk from is mainly used to treat milk bubbles on the surface of coffee.

Electric milk from is usually used with coffee machine.

If you want to clean the electric mill from there, you only need to clean the turning head of the electric mill from there with clean water.

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