What does a milk frother do to milk?

Electric milk from will make the milk produce many small foam, and finally make the milk become foam.

(1) Principle and mode of milk foaming.

The basic principle of milk foaming is to use steam to beat milk.

After the milk is pumped into the air through electric milk from, many small foam will be formed by the surface tension of milk protein.

The volume of the milk after being beaten by electric milk from there expands to become foam like milk.

In the process of milk foaming, lactose in milk will dissolve in milk due to the increase of temperature.

And the function of milk fat is to make these tiny foam form a stable state.

(2) Milk foaming can make the drink taste better.

When these electric milk frother sent milk froth is drunk, the tiny foam will burst in the mouth.

Coffee and milk foam will be combined in the mouth, so the dense, smooth milk foam improves the overall taste of coffee.

(3) What you need to know when making milk bubbles.

The more delicate the milk bubble you make, the less air in a single milk bubble, the higher the density and the less buoyancy.

The coarser the milk bubble you make, the more air in a single milk bubble, low density and high buoyancy.

If you make a rough milk bubble, the milk bubble will float on the milk surface quickly and the degree of fusion is low.

If the milk bubbles you make are more delicate, the speed of the milk bubbles floating on the milk surface is slower and the degree of fusion is higher.

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