Can you use any milk in a frother?


When you use different tools to make milk bubbles, the milk temperature you choose is different.

(1) When you use electric milk from, try to choose warm milk.

Whether you use cold milk or hot milk, electric milk from there can make milk bubbles.

However, it is recommended that you use milk with a temperature of about 60 degrees when making milk bubbles manually.

Because the milk at this temperature will make the milk bubble taste more fine and soft, and it is not easy to melt away.

(2) If you use steam engine, you can choose refrigerated milk.

If you use steam engine to make milk bubbles, you can use refrigerated milk.

Because steam engine will heat the milk continuously during the process of milk foaming.

So if you use refrigerated milk to make milk bubbles, you can make milk bubbles just at about 60 degrees.

(3) What you need to pay attention to when making milk bubbles.

You’d better use milk with high protein content when making milk bubbles.

For example, you can choose pure milk with a protein content of 3%.

If you want to make chocolate or other flavors of milk bubbles, you can add chocolate powder or other flavors of powder to the milk.

But what you need to pay attention to is that the temperature of milk should not exceed about 70 degrees when making milk bubbles.

Otherwise, the milk bubbles you beat out will easily melt away.

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