What is a self cooling ice cream maker?

Self cooling ice cream maker do not freeze ice cream bowl in advance. It can be directly made of ice cream.

(1) Use compressor to cool automatically

Compressor is generally responsible for the refrigeration and cycling functions in ice cream maker.

With this ice cream maker, you don’t need ice cream bowl or refrigeration in advance. You can directly use ice cream maker to make ice cream.

This can greatly reduce your operation steps and operation time.

(2) Self cooling ice cream maker is more convenient

The operation of self cooling ice cream maker is usually very simple, and the steps are as follows:

You turn on the power first, then select the ice cream function.

You need to pour in the mixed liquid and you can start making it.

After 30-60 minutes, ice cream is finished.

You can also add your favorite ingredients during the production process.

(3) Self cooling ice cream maker is a professional household ice cream maker

In general, small home ice cream maker is equivalent to a semi manual product.

But self cooling ice cream maker doesn’t need you to do it.

It can also be used by children at home to make ice cream.

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