How do I freeze my Cuisinart ice cream bowl?

You can use the following points free Cuisinart ice cream bowl.

(1) The lower temperature is beneficial to the free Cuisinart ice cream bowl

Ice cream produced by ice-30 is significantly more creamy than at -18 ° C (-0.4 ° f) when ice cream bowl is frozen at -26 ° C (-14.8 ° f).

The lower ice cream bowl temperature can promote the formation of smaller ice crystals.

When ice cream bowl is frozen at -18 ° C (-0.4 ° f), it takes about 7 minutes to freeze a batch of 900 ml (0.95 quart) ice cream, which can result in larger ice crystals and granular textures.

(2) Make a more creamier ice cream

The lower the temperature of ice cream bowl, the faster your ice cream freezes during the production, and the more creamy ice cream may be.

I suggest that your ice cream bowl be frozen for 24 hours at -26 ° C (-14.8 ° f).

If your refrigerator temperature is higher than -18 ° C (-0.4 ° f), you may find it takes longer to freeze ice cream mixtures.

(3) It is also important to start stirring ice cream immediately after ice cream bowl is removed from the refrigerator

When you take ice cream bowl out of the refrigerator, the gel starts to warm up, causing the bowl wall to rise.

It is also a good idea to cover the top of the bowl with plastic wrap when putting it in the refrigerator.

This will prevent the steam from condensing and freezing on the bowl wall and then melting into the ice cream mixture.

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