When will cactus change pots?

We should change pots for cactus plants according to their growth and development needs.

We change pots for cactus plants according to the needs of plant growth and development.

We can’t mechanically change the basin once a year or half a year.

Usually, when we find that there are pests, root rot and too much fertilizer in the basin soil, we should change the basin in time.

If we don’t change the basin for many years, and the surface of the basin soil is covered with moss, rigid and poor ventilation, we should also change the basin.

When changing pots, if we find that the root system is underdeveloped, we can cut off some old roots to promote the germination of new roots after spring.

After changing the basin, we can’t water it immediately and let it be exposed to the sun.

We need to water it every other week or so.

Growing varieties should not change pots, because changing pots casually is harmful and unhelpful.

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