Why are LED light bulbs better?

The reason why LED bulb is better than other bulbs is that it is a green light source, it is easy to use and safe, and it can protect your eyesight.

1. It is a green light source.

LED bulb is a green light source because it contains no mercury, is on and on, and can emit monochromatic light without a filter.

Its lighting products can also provide you with high-quality light environment and improve the light efficiency of the lighting system.

Its dimming performance is good, so it won’t make you have visual error when the color temperature changes.

It can also improve glare and reduce and eliminate light pollution.

Because it does not have electromagnetic radiation, it can eliminate radiation pollution and protect your brain.

2. The utility model has the advantages of convenient use and high safety.

Because of its low working voltage, it has the advantages of low power consumption, stable performance, long service life, strong impact resistance and vibration resistance, convenient use and high safety.

Because of its small size, it can easily distribute light evenly with smaller mirrors and lenses.

And because its cold light source has low calorific value, you can safely touch it.

3. It can protect your eyesight.

It can not only provide you with comfortable lighting space, but also meet your health needs.

So you can use it for a long time to better protect your eyesight and prevent myopia.

Because it also has zero stroboscopic, it will not fatigue your eyes.

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