Why should cactus be grafted?

Grafting is a means to promote the growth and development of cactus and improve its ornamental value.

Scarlet crimson peony and golden mountain blowing are artificially selected variants.

Cactus chloroplasts are not autotrophic.

Therefore, we should graft it on the green rootstock with developed roots.

Then it can rely on Rootstocks to provide sufficient nutrients for normal growth and development.

Some varieties will cause local rot of roots or plants due to diseases and insect pests or mechanical damage.

At this time, we should cut off the rotten part in time and graft the healthy part on the strong rootstock, so that the plant can be saved.

Grafting is also a means to promote the growth and development of cactus plants and improve their ornamental value.

Some varieties with strong spikes are connected to the robust three edged arrow, which can make the hard spikes wide and long and the sphere majestic.

Some multi flowered varieties can produce more beautiful flowers early through grafting;

If the crimson peony is connected to the leafy cactus, such as the thorn tiger rootstock, it can form a green tree and red fruit, which is unique.

Grafting is also an important method to accelerate reproduction.

We graft the varieties that need to be propagated on strong rootstocks and remove the apical center after survival, which can promote them to sprout young balls quickly.

After cutting the top of some varieties, the young ball will continue to grow from the callus of the incision.

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