How do I connect my LED Smart Bulb?

If you need to connect your smart LED bulb on the network, I suggest you follow the following steps:

1. Step 1.

You first need to make sure your device is turned on, such as mobile phone.

Then you can check whether the device is connected to WiFi and in pairing mode.

2. Step 2.

After you have made sure that the equipment is free from problems.

You need to make sure that the smart LED bulb is flashing quickly.

If the smart LED bulb is flashing fast, you need to click Add device in the device application.

3. Step 3.

After you click Add device in the device application, various pairing objects will be displayed in the device list.

At this time, you need to find smart LED bulb in the device list of the device.

You need to select smart LED bulb to pair.

The above is the specific steps of smart LED bulb connecting to the network.

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