What is the difference between neon sign and LED sign?

The working principle and purpose of neon sign and led sign are different.

1. How neon sign works.

Neon sign is a closed glass tube filled with neon, helium, argon and other gases.

Two metal electrodes are installed at both ends of the neon sign lamp tube. The electrodes are generally made of copper.

The electrode lead of next sign is connected to the power supply circuit and equipped with a high-voltage transformer.

Under the action of high voltage, a small amount of free electrons move to the anode, which stimulates the accelerated movement of electrons and makes the gas in the tube conduct electricity and emit color.

2. Working principle of LED sign.

The working principle of LED sign is to make the current pass through the p region of the semiconductor after connecting to the power supply.

At this time, the current will recombine with electrons and holes in this region, and finally appear in the form of light.

Led sign is a semiconductor material, which is usually cured to the support with silver glue.

And the LED sign is sealed with epoxy resin, so it can better protect the core wire.

3. The purpose and characteristics of neon sign and led sign are different.

Led sign is used for lighting, advertising lights, guide lights, screens, etc.

Next sign is used for artistic lighting, color, landscape lighting, etc.

Led sign has longer service life, more environmental protection, power saving, durability and beauty.

Next sign has the characteristics of high efficiency, low temperature, low energy consumption, long service life, flexibility and strong movement.

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