How do color-changing LED Christmas lights work?

I will introduce you to the working principle of LED Christmas lights.

1. How LED Christmas lights works.

The working principle of LED Christmas lights is that after the power supply is connected, the current will pass through the p region of the semiconductor.

At this time, the current will compound with electrons and holes in this region, and finally appear in the form of light.

LED Christmas lights is a semiconductor material, which is usually cured to the support with silver glue.

And the LED Christmas lights is sealed with epoxy resin around, so it can better protect the core wire.

2. Color changing principle of LED Christmas lights.

LED Christmas lights can change color by using the principle of three primary colors.

Three primary colors refer to red, green and blue, and human eyes are most sensitive to red, green and blue.

Therefore, most of the colors displayed by LED Christmas lights can be synthesized in different proportions through red, green and blue.

Similarly, most monochromatic light can also be decomposed into red, green and blue.

3. Three primary color principle.

Tricolor refers to RGB tricolor.

Most colors can be synthesized by RGB three colors and in different proportions.

RGB three primary colors are added according to different proportions, and the mixed color is called additive mixed color.

In addition to the additive color mixing method, the three primary colors also have the subtractive color mixing method, so LED Christmas lights can mix colors through addition and subtraction as needed.

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