Is LED light good for desk?


I don’t think LED lights is suitable for desk lamp.

1. The brightness of LED lights is insufficient.

Desk lamp made of LED lights is highly recommended if it is only used for lighting.

However, if you use it as your desk lamp, the brightness of LED lights is insufficient.

And LED lights with insufficient brightness will accelerate your visual fatigue, which is not conducive to protecting your eyesight.

2. The color temperature of LED lights is on the high side.

Most LED lights use white light. The principle is that the blue light chip is coated with phosphor.

The blue light of the chip excites the phosphor to emit yellow and green light, and then the yellow and green light is combined with blue light to become white light.

However, due to the lack of red light component, the color temperature of LED lights is on the high side.

Some LED lights far exceed the color temperature range suitable for indoor lighting.

Therefore, when LED lights are used as desk lamp, the damage to eyes caused by close use needs to be prevented.

3. Anti glare measures are required for desk lamp made of LED lights.

Due to the small size and high brightness of LED lights, the requirements for anti glare measures of LED desk lamp are also relatively high.

If the light angle of LED lights is not carefully selected and anti glare measures such as grid and lens are taken, it may directly produce glare.

Its glare will not only make you dazzling, but also reduce your visual function, so it is not conducive to reading.

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