What are the advantages of smart mirror?

Smart mirrors have diverse and practical functions, good anti fog performance, waterproof and antirust.

1. Smart mirrors are versatile and practical.

Smart mirrors are led mirrors with dimmable lighting and adjustable lighting colors.

You can continuously press the power button of smart mirrors to adjust the brightness of smart mirrors from 15% to 100% lumens.

You can set smart mirrors to 3000K warm white light, 4000K neutral white light or 6000K sunlight, and you can select it by pressing its power button once.

When you cut off the power supply of smart mirrors, its memory function will remember the status of your lighting settings.

Therefore, you do not have to reset the light mode when you reconnect the smart mirrors power supply.

2. Smart mirrors can prevent fog.

After you take a bath, ordinary mirrors need to be dried repeatedly before they can be seen.

Smart mirrors can use low-temperature anti fogging film heating to achieve demisting effect.

Therefore, you can see very clearly without wiping the mirror of smart mirrors after taking a bath.

3. Smart mirrors are waterproof and rust resistant.

Mirrors in the bathroom will inevitably be stained with water, which will corrode the mirror over time, resulting in mildew and rust spots.

Smart mirrors adopts special waterproof devices, and these electronic devices are high-temperature and moisture-resistant products.

Even if you use smart mirrors with power on, you don’t have to worry about water.

Its material can effectively inhibit the breeding of mold.

In addition, smart mirrors have the advantage that they will not rust easily, so they are very durable.

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