How long do LED lights last outside?

LED lights can usually be used for 100000 hours.

1. Generally, the service life of LED lights.

In general, LED lights can be used for more than 100000 hours.

LED lights will not stop working directly, but it will gradually deteriorate over time.

High quality LED lights can maintain more than 60% of the initial brightness after 50000 hours of continuous operation.

It is assumed that led lights has reached its rated service life, but it can also emit light, but its light is very weak.

2. The service life of LED lamp is related to the service environment.

LED lamp can be used for several years, mainly depends on its use environment and the quality of electronic components.

Therefore, if you want to prolong the service life of LED, it is necessary to reduce the heat energy generated by LED chip.

Thermal energy is the main reason why the LED stops working.

The life of LED is related to the chip of LED.

3. About the maintenance of ordinary LED lights.

Moisture proof is the key to the maintenance of LED lights.

In particular, LED lights in toilets, bathrooms and kitchens should be equipped with moisture-proof lampshades to prevent moisture intrusion, so as to avoid corrosion damage or leakage short circuit of LED lights.

You’d better not wash the LED light bulbs with water. You just wipe them with a dry rag.

If you accidentally touch the LED light bulbs with water, try to wipe them dry. Do not wipe them with a wet rag immediately after turning on the light.

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