Can recessed lights be changed to LED?


Can received lights can be changed to LED received lights. You can replace led received lights according to the steps I listed for you.

1. You can purchase light bulbs to replace the LED received lights.

Now there are led light bulbs for special lighting on the market, so you can buy them and replace them directly.

DIY is also OK. You can use 1W led received lights in series and parallel to several groups of fixed voltage light strings.

Then you just need to match a transformer driver for the LED received lights.

2. To replace the LED received lights.

You can buy led received lights including power supply and pasted light beads in advance.

In the market, some light sources are fixed with magnets, so you can directly remove the original can received lights and replace them with LED received lights.

But I suggest you don’t buy this kind of light source, because led received lights need a lot of heat dissipation.

If you buy led received lights attracted by magnets, it is easy to affect the heat dissipation due to its poor contact surface, which will cause serious light decay of LED received lights and reduce its service life.

You can fix the aluminum substrate with screws, and you can also use thermal conductive silicone grease between the aluminum substrate and the chassis.

3. Advantages of LED received lights.

The top of LED received lights is flat, so its bottom can be completely attached to the roof during installation.

Most led received lights can be used in spaces with lower floors.

Led received lights are commonly used in kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and other spaces.

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