Do LED recessed lights use a lot of electricity?

No, it isn’t.

LED lights are relatively power-saving. If you want to know the power consumption of LED received lights, you must calculate the power according to the power of LED received lights you buy.

1. LED lights save more power than traditional lamps.

In terms of brightness, the brightness of 1-Watt LED lights is roughly equivalent to that of about 2-watt energy-saving lamps.

And more than 90% of the electric energy of LED lights can be converted into light energy, which can effectively reduce excessive energy loss.

The energy consumption of LED lights is about 25% of that of energy-saving lamps. This is because ordinary energy-saving lamps still consume part of the electric energy and convert it into heat energy.

2. The power consumption of LED received lights is affected by brightness.

The power consumption of LED received lights is affected by the brightness, and its brightness can be controlled by the remote controller.

The current determines the power. The stronger the brightness of LED received lights, the greater the power and power consumption.

Led received lights has the maximum and minimum power it can withstand, otherwise the driver will be damaged and can not be used normally.

3. Characteristics of LED received lights.

Led received lights is very easy to clean, so you just need to clean its lampshade.

Since the interior of LED received lights is directly embedded into the aluminum-plastic plate, we don’t need to clean the top of it.

So if you install led received lights, you can greatly reduce the cumbersome of cleaning lamps in your daily life.

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