Where does cactus put it against villains?

We put cactus without thorns in the office, which is the best choice.

Nowadays, many people pay great attention to the function of Feng Shui when raising plants.

Like money tree (Pachira aquatic), money tree and lucky bambooo (Dracaena sanderiana), plants with good meaning are very popular.

Cactus is also very popular, because people have the role of cultivating cactus to prevent villains.

So where does cactus put against villains?

We put cactus without thorns in the office, which is the best choice.

1. Cactus is placed in the office to prevent villains

Among the people, cactus is believed to have the function of preventing villains.

But many people don’t know where to put cactus to prevent villains.

If you put it in the wrong position, it won’t work.

Cactus in the office is the most anti villain.

Because all kinds of intrigues are inevitable in the office, people are really just superficial friends.

If you want to prevent others from framing you, put a pot of cactus on your desk.

However, it should be noted that the cactus placed in the office should be the one without thorns, otherwise it will not work.

Cactus will only let the bad guys succeed with thorns.

Therefore, the flower lowers to be placed in the office must pay attention not to make mistakes.

In addition, if you put cactus without thorns in the ventilation of the office, you can also greatly improve your career.

You will be reused by your boss and avoid adverse things at the same time.

2. Where is cactus placed? Feng Shui is good

(1) Door window

Cactus is very suitable to be placed in the door and window, because Feng Shui believes that it can resist the evil spirit.

Cactus thorn can resist the unclean things outside, so as to protect the home from intrusion and harm.

(2) Balcony

We put a pot of cactus on the balcony is also a very good choice.

Because cactus has thorns, it will make sharp corners in Feng Shui.

If we put it on the balcony, we can dissolve the evil spirit outside and resist the unclean things outside.

3. Cactus placement taboo

(1) Don’t put the East

No matter where cactus is placed, we should pay attention not to place it in the East.

Because the East is the earthquake palace, which represents the development of the cause.

If we put a pot of cactus here, it means that we will have many difficulties in the process of career rise.

(2) Don’t put it on the right

Cactus is not suitable to be placed on the right.

We put it on the left side of the office to prevent villains,.

However, if we put it on the right, it will only lead to quarrels among colleagues and various contradictions.

This will affect their interpersonal harmony.

Conclusion: through the above introduction, I believe everyone knows that cactus is placed in the office to prevent villains.

At the same time, we also learned where cactus is placed, Feng Shui is good and cactus is taboo.

I hope you can put cactus in the right place to bring good luck!

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