What is the cutting method of carnegiea gigantea (saguaro)?

Cutting Rooting of carnegiea gigantea (saguaro) requires only four steps.

Note: Carnegiea gigantea is commonly known as Saguaro.

Carnegiea gigantea (saguaro) is a common cactus family plant.

When it grows, it stands upright like a column, so it is named.

The method of carnegiea gigantea (saguaro) propagation is mostly cutting.

That is, we cut carnegiea gigantea (saguaro) and cut it.

Cutting Rooting of carnegiea gigantea (saguaro) requires only four steps.

1. Cutting propagation method of carnegiea gigantea (saguaro)

(1) Select time

The best time for cutting in carnegiea gigantea (saguaro) is from May to June.

The temperature and humidity of this time period are more appropriate, and the survival rate of cutting will be higher.

Of course, if we have a greenhouse, we can naturally cuttage all year round.

(2) Preparation of matrix

Before cutting, we need to prepare a suitable cutting matrix.

We need to prepare large grain river sand for cutting carnegiea gigantea (saguaro).

We put the river sand into a flower pot of appropriate size, and then pour an appropriate amount of water and maintain 50% humidity.

(2) Cuttings treatment

We cut off the lateral branches from carnegiea gigantea (saguaro), and then put cactus in a cool and ventilated place to dry for a few days.

We’ll wait until the wound is dry before cutting.

In order to prevent decay, we can also apply a layer of plant ash on the incision.

Then we can cut the cuttings into the prepared cutting matrix.

(4) Maintenance rooting

After cutting, we should keep the temperature at about 20 ~ 25 ℃.

Carnegiea gigantea (saguaro) takes root fastest at this temperature.

Excessive temperature may cause the wound to rot.

, if the temperature is too low, it will take root slowly.

Therefore, carnegiea gigantea (saguaro) is the most suitable season for cutting from May to June.

Generally, carnegiea gigantea (saguaro) will take root and begin to grow in about a month.

2. Maintenance skills of carnegiea gigantea (saguaro)

(1) Proper watering

Carnegiea gigantea (saguaro) is very drought tolerant.

Generally, you don’t need to water too often.

As long as the basin soil is still wet, we don’t have to water it.

We’d better wait until the soil is dry before watering, and the watering should be thorough.

There is no fixed frequency of watering in four seasons.

In summer, we should appropriately increase the amount of water, while in winter, we should reduce the amount of water.

(2) Suitable light

The growth of carnegiea gigantea (saguaro) needs plenty of sunshine.

If the sun is not enough, it will seriously affect growth, and its resistance will decline.

Carnegiea gigantea (saguaro) can accept full-time photos all year round.

The plant will be scorched in the summer, otherwise we must remember to give it scorching water.

(3) Control the temperature

Carnegiea gigantea (saguaro) is heat resistant but not cold resistant.

It can survive the high temperature in summer.

But during the winter, we’d better keep the temperature above 10 ℃

。 Because there is still a lot of water in carnegiea gigantea (saguaro) plants, if the temperature is too low, freezing injury is likely to occur.

(4) Rational fertilization

Carnegiea gigantea (saguaro) does not need too much fertilizer for its growth.

It can also grow well in poor soil.

But if we want carnegiea gigantea (saguaro) to grow faster, we can apply nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer appropriately.

But we should pay attention to thin fertilizer and frequent application.

We can’t apply too much fertilizer.

We can apply thin fertilizer and water once a month.

Conclusion: after reading the above content, I believe you should know how carnegiea gigantea (saguaro) should cut.

The method should be very simple.

But we should pay attention to drying the wound before cutting, otherwise it will lead to decay.

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