How often does cactus water?

The frequency of watering cactus depends on the season: once a week in spring and autumn, more in summer and once every 10 days in winter.

Cactus plays a good role in computer radiation in people’s impression.

Therefore, many office workers will choose to put a basin next to the computer.

This can not only protect the eyes, but also prevent radiation.

But many people don’t know how often cactus is watered.

Due to the different climate and environment, the method of watering cactus is different all year round.

1. Cactus is watered once a week

(1) Spring watering

Cactus is a drought tolerant plant, so it doesn’t need too much water.

In spring, we usually water it once a week.

And we should choose the watering time in the morning or evening.

(2) Summer watering

So how often do cactus water in summer?

In summer, cactus is in a vigorous period of growth, so we need to water cactus every morning.

In the evening, we can also observe the water shortage of cactus, so as to make up water properly.

(3) Watering in autumn

Just entering the early autumn, the temperature is still very high, so we should maintain the frequency of watering every 2 ~ 3 days.

It’s time for us to reduce the temperature at the end of autumn.

As in spring, at this time, we can water once a week.

(4) Winter watering

The temperature is very low in winter.

At this time, cactus is also slowly entering the dormancy period, so we should reduce watering appropriately.

At this time, we generally have no problem watering once a half month.

However, when the temperature rises slowly at the end of winter, we should also appropriately increase the watering times.

Note: if we just planted or transplanted cactus, we don’t need watering.

Generally, after half a month, we can pour a small amount of water.

After a month, we can carry out normal watering work.

The above watering days are not fixed.

After all, everyone maintains cactus in a different environment and climate

We still need to decide according to the actual situation.

In case of continuous rainy days, we should also stop watering cactus and keep no ponding in the basin soil.

If there is ponding, we should pour it out in time to avoid the phenomenon of rotten roots.

There are also some cactus whose top is recessed.

For cactus with this shape, we should pay attention not to pour water into its concave part when watering.

Otherwise, cactus can easily become rotten and affect its normal growth.

2. How to judge whether cactus should be watered

When maintaining cactus, many people don’t know how to judge whether cactus should be watered.

In fact, the method is very simple, which is still the bamboo stick heuristic method we are familiar with.

Without bamboo sticks, we can use toothpicks.

We insert bamboo sticks or toothpicks directly into the soil along the edge of cactus flowerpots.

Then we pull it out to see if the toothpick is wet.

We can repeat it a few more times.

If the toothpick is dry, it means we should water cactus.

If the toothpick is wet, we don’t need to water cactus.

Conclusion: through the above introduction, I believe everyone knows the watering method of cactus and how to judge whether cactus should be watered.

I hope you can bring up a prosperous cactus!

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